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4070 - 4072 - 4270 - 4272


design Controdesign

Stool which wraps the design around you
Revolving seat in coloured polyurethane
Adjustable gas column available in two different heights
Five feet base in shiny aluminium with wheels (art. 4270-4272)
Fixed chromed disc base (4070-4072).

GUSCIO fixed base 
(art. 4070)  

Dimensions cm. ø45 42/55h
weight kg. 10

GUSCIO alto fixed base (art. 4072)
Dimensions cm. 
ø45 54/80h
Weight kg. 11

GUSCIO with wheels 
(art. 4270) 

Dimensions cm. ø45 48/61h
Weight kg. 10

GUSCIO alto with wheels (art. 4272) 
Dimensions cm. 
ø45 62/88h
weight kg. 11



Guscio 02
Guscio 03
Guscio 04
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